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I am Back!
I suffered a very serious, traumatic and unexpected event back in August of 2008 at the Canadian Open which eventually lead to numerous medical complications that almost killed me. You can learn more by clicking on the following link.
Love for Jim
Latest News
I recently returned from the Indy 500 where I worked on a local Boise race car driver, Davey Hamilton. I also reconnected with old friends like Parnelli Jones Sr., Parnelli Jones Jr., and Rafael Matos. Watch some of the video testimonials.

I am back and able to do what I love and recently moved into a new office in Maui, and I also travel all over doing massages. I am now taking appointments for anyone interested in the services I offer. Please contact me at
(208) 440-3964 to schedule your appointment.

255 Aliioaloni St.
Pukalani, HI 96768
 Welcome from Jim...

I have been doing therapeutic massage and energy healing for my clients since 1979. I also conduct inspirational speaking engagements for small groups and large businesses.

If you have experienced massage from anyone in the past you will find my approach, technique, and touch to be quite different. If you have never had a massage before, then you will find your time with me to be one of the most beneficial and healing experiences of your life.

A little about me and why I do what I do. As a 19 year old, working with the U.S. Military, I was injured on a mission and sent to see a woman named Toshi Namiami. Toshi was an 84 year old blind healer who immediately recognized my "special gift" (something I had no idea that I had) and she called me a "Shaman," a term I had never heard before and means "healer" in Eastern medicine. You can read more details about my story in my Bio, however, this chance meeting led me down a completely different path in life and has allowed me to help thousands of people all around the world. I have worked on numerous professional athletes, baseball players, football players, the Budweiser Pro Water Ski team, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, many of the top Indy 500 and NASCAR drivers, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, and most recently working with many of the top PGA golf professionals. I was eventually asked to be Phil Mickelson's full-time massage therapist, until an unfortunate incident occurred at the Canadian Open in 2008. This incident to took me out of commission for the better part of a year and I have just recently returned to doing the work I love in early 2010.

I am a Shiatsu Master, provide services in Reflexology, Reiki, sports injury therapy, lymphatic cleansing, helping people with relief from chronic pain, and much more. You can read about all of the services I offer on my Services page. While I have helped numerous professional athletes, actors and actresses, royalty and many other famous people, I am here to help anyone who can benefit from the services I offer.

I am also an accomplished inspirational speaker where I share the message and my belief that the human mind can achieve and heal anything it wants to. I know this to be a fact because I have seen miracles happen in peoples lives all around the world which are unexplainable by traditional thinking and logic, science and Western medicine.


Watch this short video where I demonstrate one of my techniques to Jeff Rude from Golf Week Magazine

How I Can Help You Heal
I have developed my own technique over the years I call "Toshi Jim." It is a combination of what I learned from Toshi and my own techniques and healing regimen I have developed over the years.

I start with reflexology to read what is going on in your body, then tailor the massage and treatment to your specific and personal needs. I have treated over 3,000 people in Idaho and around the world, and I guarantee it will be the best massage you will ever experience - because I go well beyond a typical massage.

I have been given the unique gift of being able to diagnose the problems you may be experiencing, along with the training and experience required to help you overcome your condition.

Book me today for an energetic and healing massage or an inspirational speaking engagement by calling (208) 440-3964.

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