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I suffered a very serious, traumatic and unexpected event back in August of 2008 at the Canadian Open which eventually lead to numerous medical complications that almost killed me. You can learn more by clicking on the following link.
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I recently returned from the Indy 500 where I worked on a local Boise race car driver, Davey Hamilton. I also reconnected with old friends like Parnelli Jones Sr., Parnelli Jones Jr., and Rafael Matos. Watch some of the video testimonials.

I am back and able to do what I love and recently moved into a new office in Maui, and I also travel all over doing massages. I am now taking appointments for anyone interested in the services I offer. Please contact me at
(208) 440-3964 to schedule your appointment.

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 Jim's Biography
Jim Weathers' life journey thus far sounds like that of a character out of a fiction novel, with the combined powers of a super hero, action figure, and spiritual healer who has been able to survive several catastrophic and life altering events, always coming back to life - a character that only the greatest fiction author in the world could conjure up. Yet Jim is a very real and down to earth person who has been given an amazing gift he uses to help people from all around the world.

Jim's journey, which started at the age of 19 when working for the U.S. Military. While parachuting on a mission with his team he got hung up in a tree and suffered an injury that was going to take him out of commission for 6-8 weeks. Unfortunately, one of Jim's teammates was killed on that same mission. Jim's commander sent him to see Toshi Namiami, a healer, to help him gain relief from both his injury and to help him with his mental state from losing his teammate. The 84-year old blind physician worked on Jim and had him parachuting again in 2 days, due in part to the special healing powers she possessed. During one of Jim's treatments by Toshi for a different medical condition, she stated to Jim that he had a special energy, so much so that she couldn't sleep at night if he was nearby. She told him she had been waiting for him her entire life even though he was only 19, calling him a "Shaman". Toshi encouraged Jim to study massage under her direction, and they began a relationship that would change Jim’s life forever.

For the next two years, Jim trained at Tokyo University under Toshi. In addition to clinical studies, Jim spent endless hours blindfolded and practicing massage techniques under the direction of the sightless Dr. Namiami. His perseverance gained him an enhanced sense of touch and an insight into Oriental healing, and earned him the title of "Master Massage Therapist". Upon his return to the United States, Jim completed formal training at the Calistoga School of Massage and received the designation of Certified Massage Therapist (I.C.M.T.). Jim is also trained in Reiki, Reflexology, is a Shiatsu Master, as well as a chronic pain specialist. Yet he is most well known for his ability to generate an enormous amount of heat energy that radiates from his hands for extensive time periods; his true gift to his clients.

Jim is unique in the field of therapeutic massage in that he combines his knowledge and experience of Eastern healing with his Western training to achieve strong therapeutic and healing results. By listening to his clients, utilizing his keen diagnostic skills along with using multiple forms of massage techniques, Jim is able to achieve remarkable results and high levels of client satisfaction. His technical competence, intuitive skills, personal sense of caring, and 30 plus years of perfecting his craft make him the ideal choice for anyone seeking relief from stress, pain, improvement in sports performance and functional ability, or for the simple, personal benefit of a relaxing massage.

Jim's impressive body of work has gained him national recognition with several professional athletes, NASCAR and Indy race car drivers, PGA professionals, Actors and Actresses, and many others including Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

Jim's high-profile career began when he was asked to tour with the Budweiser Pro Water Ski Team as the chief therapist where he worked with top American skiers Sammy Duvall, Lucky Low and Kristi Overton-Johnson. Exposure from the Budweiser Tour led to Jim being chosen as the official massage therapist for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, working with the likes of Ty Murray and Fred Whitfield. Jim was then selected to attend the Indianapolis 500 to provide therapeutic massage services for several of the nation’s top Indy drivers like Al Unser, Parnelli Jones Sr., Parnelli Jones Jr., Eddie Cheever J.R. and Ari Luyendyk. From Indy, Jim took his therapeutic massage to the NASCAR circuit where his driver clients included present and future NASCAR Hall of Famers Darryl Waltrip, A.J. Foyt, Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, and Johnny Rutherford. Eventually Jim became the personal full-time massage therapist for Dale Earnhardt Sr. until his untimely death. Jim then went on to work for numerous PGA golfers like Jerry Kelly, Ted Purdy, Jack Nicklaus, John Daly, Fred Couples, Fred Funk, Hale Irwin, David Duval, and many others. As a result Jim was asked to be Phil Mickelson's full-time massage therapist where he could often be seen walking the fairways of PGA golf courses around the world, working on Phil and many other PGA golfers. Other clients include several professional baseball players, football players, UFC World Champion Fighters, and Actress Cheryl Ladd.

Jim's work with high level clients and the subsequent media coverage, coupled with Jim's belief that the mind can heal anything, led him on a national speaking tour where he worked for one of the largest mortgage companies in the country. Jim shared his stories regarding miraculous healings with many of his clients, along with his innovative message of hope and inspiration in front of groups as large as 5,000 people. Jim provides cutting edge instruction on subjects such as sustaining super-high energy in the workplace, creating and maintaining a positive attitude, being more productive, conquering your fears, taking action, the significance of the mind-body connection, and many other topics.

On August 9, 2008 Jim experienced another traumatic episode in his life. He was working at the Canadian Open and was congratulating his golfer, Chez Reavie, who had just won the tournament. Prior to the final round on Sunday Chez asked Jim to spray him with a bottle of Champaign if he won. Chez won, and as Jim was dousing Chez, a Canadian Mounted Police Officer approached and, allegedly thinking Jim was spraying Chez with mace, snuck up behind Jim and violently hit him in the throat, put him in a choke hold, and drug him to the ground.

The attack caused serious complications which eventually led to Jim actually "coding" at a hospital in his current hometown, Boise Idaho. Fortunately emergency room personnel at the hospital shocked and resuscitated Jim, bringing him back to life. This led to an expensive three month stay in the hospital and an extended recovery time through much of 2009.

In January of 2010, Jim returned to doing what he loves best, providing his healing and therapeutic services to people in need, along with his inspirational speaking.

Jim is available for a massage appointment or to speak to your company or organization by calling (208) 440-3964.

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