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I am Back!
I suffered a very serious, traumatic and unexpected event back in August of 2008 at the Canadian Open which eventually lead to numerous medical complications that almost killed me. You can learn more by clicking on the following links.
Takedown of Jim Weathers
CBS Sports.com
Love for Jim
Latest News
I recently returned from the Indy 500 where I worked on a local Boise race car driver, Davey Hamilton. I also reconnected with old friends like Parnelli Jones Sr., Parnelli Jones Jr., and Rafael Matos. Watch some of the video testimonials.

I am back and able to do what I love and recently moved into a new office with a Chiropractor in in the Eagle, Idaho area. I am now taking appointments for anyone interested in the services I offer. Please contact me at
(208) 440-3964 to schedule your appointment.

Inside Jamaca Me Tan
1225 E Winding Creek
Suite 100
Eagle, ID 83616
 Testimonial Instructions
I am just now getting back on my feet after an incident that happened to me back on July 27th of 2008 at the
Canadian Open (you can read a little bit about it here: http://cbssports.com/golf/story/10921271). While I was
out of commission my web designer left and my web site was taken down.

Long story short, I have a new team (Blake Warrington and Kyle Wilson) who are building me this web site and will also be doing some marketing for me. I am sending this email to all my past clients in hopes of getting a short testimonial about how I was a benefit to you or touched your life in positive way.

To leave a testimonial simply call a 24 hour automated hotline system and leave an audio testimonial. To do this please call the Record-By-Phone Service at (512) 827-0505 ext. 9934 to leave your testimonial. Instructions on how to do this are available when you call the number.

Blake and Kyle would also like to turn some of these audio testimonials into videos (by adding your picture and creating a short video) and posting them on various sites on the Internet as well as on my web site. If you are comfortable with this please send an email to webmaster@jimshealingenergy.com and please include an image or two that Blake and Kyle can use. Also, let me know which of the following POSTING options Blake would be allowed to use.

  1. Okay to post video testimonial on my site and other video web sites (like YouTube, etc.)

  2. Only okay to post video testimonial on my personal web site

  3. Okay to post audio testimonial on my web site and other audio or Podcast web sites

  4. Only okay to post audio testimonial on my personal web site

  5. Okay to post written content of testimonial on my site and other news, article and blog sites

  6. Only okay to post written content of testimonial on my web site

I really appreciate you helping me out with this as this accident was devastating to me on a physical and financial level. Remember, after you have left your testimonial please email Blake and Kyle at webmaster@jimshealingenergy.com. Then tell them what posting options we are allowed to use to post the content by stating something like, "It's okay to post my content using posting options 1, 3, and 6 (or what ever posting options you are comfortable with).

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Jim Weathers


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