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I am Back!
I suffered a very serious, traumatic and unexpected event back in August of 2008 at the Canadian Open which eventually lead to numerous medical complications that almost killed me. You can learn more by clicking on the following link.
Love for Jim
Latest News
I recently returned from the Indy 500 where I worked on a local Boise race car driver, Davey Hamilton. I also reconnected with old friends like Parnelli Jones Sr., Parnelli Jones Jr., and Rafael Matos. Watch some of the video testimonials.

I am back and able to do what I love and recently moved into a new office in Maui, and I also travel all over doing massages. I am now taking appointments for anyone interested in the services I offer. Please contact me at
(208) 440-3964 to schedule your appointment.

255 Aliioaloni St.
Pukalani, HI 96768
 Testimonials About Jim
Over Jim's 30 plus year career as a chronic pain specialist, healer, and massage therapist he has literally touched the lives of thousands of people from just about every walk of life. From professional athletes and race car drivers to Royalty, movie stars and every day people.

Following are some of the numerous testimonials regarding Jim and the people he has touched with his work and/or his message. If you feel Jim has made a difference in your life please take a few moments and provide Jim with your testimonial and we will post it here on this page



Video Testimonials
Click on the image of the testimonial you want to watch. Opens in a new Window.

Parnelli Jones Sr. - Race car legend talks about how Jim helped him
Raphael Matos - Indy 500 race car driver
Davey Hamilton - Local Boise resident and Indy 500 race car driver
Parnelli Jones Jr. - Indy car driver and son of Parnelli Jones Sr.
Kingdom Racing Crew Member - Always been afraid massage

Written Testimonials

Davey Hamilton - Indy Race Car Driver: "Jim's helped A.J. Foyt, Luyendyk, Jeff Gordon, and a lot of other big names. He definitely makes a difference. The few races he hasn't been to, I haven't felt the same. My body feels much better when he works on me. I feel I have a clear advantage over drivers who don't use Jim."

John Manglardi - TMP Investments: When I met Jim Weathers in 2000, I was laying on the floor of a conference room, convinced I wouldn’t be able to walk for months. Earlier that day, I pinched a nerve in my back and, by the time my afternoon conference started, I couldn’t walk. In fact, I could barely move. One call later and Jim agreed to take the two hour drive to my hotel. Within one hour of working, Jim’s “healing hands” had completely fixed my back; not only was I walking, but I was able to carry his massage bed out to the car for him.

After that, I realized that Jim’s talents could help so many others that I knew both personally and professionally. My company contracted Jim for our yearly conferences, where he worked his Reflexology magic on hundreds of our employees. One year, my son slipped and dislocated his hip. Immediately, we turned to Jim, hoping he could help ease my son as he writhed in pain. Again, Jim’s healing hands were able to not only relocate my son’s hip, but relieved his pain as well.

Jim’s talent and skillful techniques are only trumped by his incredible energy. Jim is more than a reflexologist, more than a Shiatsu Master, more than a motivational speaker- Jim is a healer.



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